New for Fall 2017

Memory Is the Medium is a meditation on memory and creativity through a poetic vision of design-thinking, from one of the world’s most respected [...]

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Submissions for Country Dark

SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN for short stories (≤10k) and novellas (≤40k) for the debut anthology from Country Dark, Codhill’s new imprint, In the Country Dark, 1—sci-fi/fantasy/horror—with consideration to the bracing [...]

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New Titles for 2016

Black Irish by Dennis Doherty Often in narrative mode and spilled in blank verse, these poems examine both personal history and shifting parameters [...]

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New for 2016

The most recent publication in the Forsythia series. A beautiful title from the Korean poet Lee Jangwook with translation made possible by the [...]

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New Release

A new work of poetry by Frederick Bauman A sample stanza from the poem Snowy Owl: And the snowy owl calls forth [...]

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