Country DarkSUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN for short stories (≤10k) and novellas (≤40k) for the debut anthology from Country Dark, Codhill’s new imprint, In the Country Dark, 1—sci-fi/fantasy/horror—with consideration to the bracing question, “Did you bring a light?” Provoke and inspire our readers with themes of resistance, subversion, and achievement despite odds or adversity. We do not balk at loose or ambiguous endings—just mind the journey be worthwhile.

Novel-length submissions remain open—dark sf/fantasy/horror.

Writers from underrepresented communities are especially encouraged to submit works for consideration (writers of any race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious or cultural group, physical or mental ability).

Before submission or query, consider your manuscript in context of the Bechdel test, DeConnick’s “Sexy Lamp Test,” and related metrics of representation. It matters.

Please query with a short description of the work and a brief author bio to Please submit in .doc or .rtf format.