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New for 2013!

A Slant of Light cover
editors L. Carr + J. Z. Schmidt
A Slant of Light


Trine Erotic cover
Alice Andrews
Trine Erotic


Selected Poems cover
Celestine Frost
Selected Poems


Titles from 2012

Letters and Found Poems of Edisa and Chloe cover
David Appelbaum
Letters and Found Poems
of Edisa and Chloe


Rumiís Holistic Humanism cover
Mirza Iqbal Ashraf
Rumiís Holistic Humanism


Scout's Honor cover
Charley Rosen
Scoutís Honor


Man in the Cosmos cover
Christian Wertenbaker
Man in the Cosmos


Titles from 2011!

The Floodplain cover
Anthony Robinson
The Floodplain


Song of Myself cover
Frederick Bauman
Song of Myself


Pancake Hollow Primer cover
Laurence Carr
Pancake Hollow Primer


A Promise Kept cover
Joseph Giannola
A Promise Kept


Martin Benson Speaks cover
Carl Lehmann-Haupt
Martin Benson Speaks


In Search Of cover
Edited by Haifa Mahabir
In Search Of


Voices of Women Singing cover
H.R. Stoneback
Voices of Women Singing


2013 Codhill Poetry Award


Prize: $1000 cash prize and twenty five copies

Distribution: SUNY Press (Codhill imprint)

Judge: Pauline Uchmanowicz

Manuscripts are judged anonymously. Codhill Press will consider all finalists for publication. Please see our Chapbook Award 2012 page for a list of last year's winner and finalists.



The competition is open to any poet who writes in English. Previously published poems with proper acknowledgement are acceptable. Translations and previously self-published books are not eligible.

Poets should submit, by electronic submission manager or ground mail, forty-eight to seventy (48-70) pages (no more than one poem per page) plus SASE for contest results and $30 reading fee.

Electronic manuscripts should be submitted as a Word.doc or PDF, paginated consecutively, with acknowledgments and a table of contents. The first page should include the title of the manuscript alone. Your name must not appear on the manuscript. Instead, your name, address, phone number, email address, and manuscript title should be entered into the submission manager. Submit here: Submit to Codhill Press

For ground mail submissions send manuscript and entry fee to:

Pauline Uchmanowicz
Codhill Poetry Chapbook Award
P.O. Box 280
Bloomington, NY 12411-0280

Ground-mail manuscripts should be on printer-quality white paper, paginated consecutively, with acknowledgements and a table of contents, and bound with a spring-clip. Include two cover pages, one with the title of the manuscript alone, and a second with your name, address, phone number, and email address, together with the title. Your name must not appear anywhere else on the manuscript.

Entries must be postmarked or received electronically by December 10, 2013.

No UPS or FedEx. You may include a SASE postcard for confirmation. Manuscripts will not be returned. Simultaneous submissions to other publishers are permitted, but Codhill Press must be notified immediately if the manuscript is accepted elsewhere.


Contest Procedures and Ethical Concerns.

Codhill Press is committed to safeguarding the integrity of its contest. You should not enter if you have studied with the judge or received her help in shaping a manuscript. Similarly, in order to avoid any impropriety, the judge is instructed to set aside any manuscript she has had a hand in creating. Codhill subscribes to the CLMP contest code of ethics, and agrees to

1. conduct our contest as ethically as possible and to address any unethical behavior on the part of our readers, judges, or editors;

2. provide clear and specific contest guidelines--defining conflict of interest for all parties involved; and

3. make the mechanics of the selection process available to the public.


Additional considerations.

Before you submit a manuscript to the Codhill competition, please read the work of the poets we publish. We publish a diversity of approaches, from the formal to the openly experimental. Codhill has published books by poets in academe and by poets having no connection to academics. We have published books that are accessible and ones that are abstract and demanding--and the range between. All publications rely on vivid language use, a musicality, technique, importance of content, and a willingness to take risks.