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New for 2014!

The Glory and other Stories cover
Rosanne Weston
The Glory and other Stories


Rain, Sky, Wind, Port cover
Kim Namjo
Rain, Sky, Wind, Port


Proof cover
Karina Borowicz


Titles from 2013!

A Slant of Light cover
editors L. Carr + J. Z. Schmidt
A Slant of Light


Trine Erotic cover
Alice Andrews
Trine Erotic


Selected Poems cover
Celestine Frost
Selected Poems


Titles from 2012

Letters and Found Poems of Edisa and Chloe cover
David Appelbaum
Letters and Found Poems
of Edisa and Chloe


Rumiís Holistic Humanism cover
Mirza Iqbal Ashraf
Rumiís Holistic Humanism


Scout's Honor cover
Charley Rosen
Scoutís Honor


Man in the Cosmos cover
Christian Wertenbaker
Man in the Cosmos


Titles from 2011!

The Floodplain cover
Anthony Robinson
The Floodplain


Song of Myself cover
Frederick Bauman
Song of Myself


Pancake Hollow Primer cover
Laurence Carr
Pancake Hollow Primer


A Promise Kept cover
Joseph Giannola
A Promise Kept


Martin Benson Speaks cover
Carl Lehmann-Haupt
Martin Benson Speaks


In Search Of cover
Edited by Haifa Mahabir
In Search Of


Voices of Women Singing cover
H.R. Stoneback
Voices of Women Singing



Codhill Press was founded in 1998 by David Appelbaum, then editor of Parabola Magazine. Its voice was conceived as lying at the intersection of spiritual, literary, and poetic thought. Its function was to provide texts for readers on a search for meaning and transcendent value.

Initially, the Press drew on a wide circle of interests, from traditional texts of Buddhism to teaching stories of various ways of wisdom to the iconic art of Frederick Franck. The circle then widened to include esoteric studies in philosophy and in dance. Throughout, the Press had a second focus in publishing contemporary poetry.

At present, Codhill continues to offer books that aid the "serious seeker." At the same time, it has expanded its poetry list that now includes a chapbook series. Codhill publishes from four to six books a year. All books have high production values and are of durable quality.


Editorial policy

On the back cover of the first Codhill books, the following statement appears: "There is no more important function of writing at this time than to call us to awaken. The state of siege under which human consciousness—human conscience—is living has not abated in the time since Blake wrote. The seriousness of the situation has only intensified. To serve our memory of what is truly important: to that the writer should be a guide." The truth of the statement expresses the mission of the Press.

To publish a book is to make a statement that enters into a conversation that is now global in scope. Because positions are fluid and meanings ambiguous, it is imperative that a book declare its value with clarity and precision. Codhill books adhere to the commitment to provide their readers with the material for arriving at a judgment of what matters. The Press also has interest in the work of new writers and poets and takes great pleasure in introducing them to the world.


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